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  A steam separator can save 35% of the cost of operating your boiler!
A steam separator will also reduce your product cost due to quicker cycle times and more efficient heating!

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SEPRITE - Suppliers of Pipe Systems in South Africa

SEPRITE are suppliers of pipe systems to companies throughout South Africa. With our extensive experience in piping engineering we can help any company looking for an efficient and well designed pipe system.

We design and manufacture many of the products used in steam pipelines as well as offering a range of services piping construction, piping installation, pressure vessel design and manufacture, welding repairs and specialised welding services. If you need anything to do with pipe systems, then contact SEPRITE.


Since our beginnings in 1984 we have built a reputation in the industry for dedicated, professional and efficient service. Our mission is to assist you to optimise your operating costs through the supply of world class products and services.


Contact SEPRITE today - our expertise will help you reduce costs with our well designed pipe systems.

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SEPRITE has completed many  pressure vessel, tank,  pipeline and specialised welding projects.

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